Miley cyrus and david archuleta dating

19-Feb-2020 15:46

"Even though they ['American Idol'] liked me, they were nice to me, and they wanted me to do well on the show, they were willing to portray me and my dad in a way that made it really difficult for all of my family," he went on saying "They didn't really think about how it was going to affect my brothers and sisters. They didn't think about how it was going to affect my dad's reputation.People say, 'That's the price that you pay, and you got yourself into your own mess.' But I didn't know people were going to start talking about my family." David is currently on tour to support his newly-released Christmas album "Winter in the Air".If you can’t volunteer that is fine because it’s really about simple random acts of kindness.David is an amazing human being; we have all seen his kindness, his huge heart, that warming smile and that beautiful voice that touches your soul.I've never really watched the show before, but it was sooo funny watching the other scenes![Miley]When I saw you over there I didn't mean to starebut my mind was everywhere I wanna know you Gonna guess that you're the kindthat says whats on her mindbut you listened when I had something to show you[Miley e David]There's a mark above your eye You got it in July Fighting for your sister's reputation You remember peoples's names And valentines are lame So i bring you flowers just fot no occasion Woah Woah woah woah woah I wanna know you I wanna go there where you go I wanna find out What you know And maybe somedaydown the roadsit back and say to myself Yeah I thought so You smile and never shout You stand out in a crowd You make the best of every situation Correct me if I'm wrong You're fragile and you're strong A beautiful and perfect combination(David)Ohhhhhhh yeah(Miley e David)I wanna know you I wanna go there where you go I wanna find out What you know And maybe somedaydown the roadsit back and say to myself Yeah I thought so(David)Yeahh(Miley e David)Like how you are with me?"I felt very guilty because of how it affected my family, because we loved our dad," he admitted."I love my dad too, and to be in the place where it's constantly contentious and I was encouraged to question my dad -- that's what I feel like really hurt my relationship with my dad.

He reveals the competition somehow makes him feel guilty after the series painted his father as a controlling manager.

It was another thing I was really nervous about, and wasn't really sure about at first. Everyone there was fun and Miley [Cyrus] was a cool person to hang out with. Getting to watch how they rehearsed the scenes for the show was really cool too.

It's always interesting to see the behind-the-scenes things.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Take my hand and join us, and the world will live as one.” So please join me and be a part of the Archie “Pay it Forward” Christmas Project!

Basically it is simple, David has helped all of us in one way or another by touching our lives in a positive way, so in return we should do the same.

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