Men victims dating violence

18-Jun-2020 05:52

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They were also between two and three times more likely to have symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The experiences of many men who are survivors of domestic violence and abuse are similar to those of women.

Domestic violence experts offer advice for men who may be falling through the cracks.

"Domestic violence against men is very similar to domestic violence against women," says Brown.

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Men who experience domestic violence and abuse face significant barriers to getting help and access to specialist support services, our latest study shows.

When men did seek help, they did so usually when their situation had reached a crisis point.

While both men and women are reluctant to seek professional help for their abuse, there is an added barrier for men: many fear being falsely accused of being the perpetrator.

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This is independent research funded by the National Institute for Health Research (Programme Grants for Applied Research, REPROVIDE (Reaching Everyone Programme of Research On Violence in diverse Domestic Environments, RP-PG-0614-20012).

Although the amount, severity and impact of domestic violence and abuse experienced by women is much higher than that experienced by men, men can also suffer significantly as a result of abuse from a partner, ex-partner or an adult family member.

An earlier study of 1,368 male patients in GP clinic waiting rooms in the UK found that more than one in four had experienced abusive behaviour from a partner or ex-partner.

Our findings confirm what has been found in previous studies about barriers men face in seeking help.

It has also given us new insights into what hinders and helps professionals and services to provide effective support.

We undertook a review of qualitative studies exploring the barriers to seeking help and the experiences of male victims of domestic violence and abuse in accessing services.