Men dating women 20 years younger

20-Sep-2019 07:41

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and, if you are a younger man that goes for older women, whats your views and why do you do it? Well im 29 will be 30 in may and im seeing a women who is 42.Even though we are just dating for a bit of fun, i do like her alot, and the reason i go for the older women is because alot of younger girls in thier 20s play to many mind games b, too much drama and c, not as experienced in the bedroom!! i read somewhere the rule of thumb for age compatability, take older persons age divide by 2 then add 7example if the women is 42/2=21 7=28 So if the guy is 28 or older it can work as compatability and maturity levels are still ok. just a rough guide Almost all of the guys I've dated have been about ten years younger than me. Still, I'm open to dating men closer to my own age or older, but it just hasn't happened that way for me.No one can be the one to say who one can love and who one cannot love. If you tuely love each other dont let society dictate who you should love or be loved by. his family were a little shocked, so were mine, but not overly so. So do the problems, no matter what the age difference. People can NOT help who they fall in love with, people today are so judgemental, it could happen to YOU.Just allow things to take a natural course and if it all works out, then great. dating someone who could possibly the same age as your children is not cool.saying something is ok does not make it so. i am 37 separated from my partner we fell out of love a long time ago, he was 15yrs older than me.It's not because I seek younger men, they come after me. It would be interesting to hear from guys who like older women and get more insight.I know one younger man who says that he has always liked older women because they are sexier and more equal to him intellectually.

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He says that doesn't like the way younger women act for the most part.Im just interested in getting everyone's opinions on here - can it work between older woman and younger man?-what do you think about the older woman/younger man scenario?If it was my son I would make your life a living HELL!!!! You should do this until you feel relived and feel quite good about things I dont think its that easy and one should not be so judgemental in such situations. We have had our fareshare of ups and downs but we are still going stong and going on for 3years now.

the universe brings people together when they least expect it and often in the most unconventional way. tomorrow that person may be you and you never ever imagined it could happen to you. Its by no means easy having to deal with people and how they stare. I noted on the 'I love a much older MAN' site, that the comments were nowhere near as insulting! My partner was 19 years younger than me and we were happy together for over two years. to the people posting nasty comments, are you in relationships yourselfs?It has been hard at times with other people accepting that we are together especially from some of his males aquaintences but I have learnt to shrug their sarcastic remarks off I jst put it down to the fact that they are probably in some ways insecure and jelouse of our relationship.

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