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22-Oct-2019 22:56

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First contact emails should be about getting to step two, not dating by proxy. There are all manner of men out there; you are seeking that one that you click with, not the one that is good at clicking the send button. Do you hurl it in his face and hope that he catches some in his mouth, or do you offer him a small sip? And don’t forget that you are there to evaluate him as a potential life partner, not just win him. They do a great job of winning her, but have no clue as to how to keep, her because they created this whole impossible facade. You are trying to put your best foot forward, right?

Yes, many times they are saying what you want to hear. Last thing you want to do is to piss him off with some random disagreement. Guys fear this like nothing else, and they’ve been taught to impress.

You could see her melt as if ice cream on a warm day.

I’m not sure why these fools are not prosecuted as much as we would prosecute the raincoat guy on a street in NY, flashing old ladies. I can’t explain this except to empathize and speak for the rest of us guys that would like to hang these fools off a third story balcony until they have a revelation.

You are not chattel to be texted just enough to keep you hanging on.

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You did not just birth a full-grown man who is starting at square one.

We are not them, and they harm us just as much, perhaps more so. In fact, TELL her that you want to take her out, don’t ASK her.

Guys tell me, “So I texted her and asked her to like hang out at my place, maybe catch a movie or…something.” Wrong, wrong, and wrong, dude. Define it as a romantic gesture, not like an invitation to down some brewskies and watch the WWF. Date her, and dating involves personal interaction between people, not their smart phones. Text-Man to go…especially if that texting demonstrates a lack of participation or care.

Last week, I posted an article about single women’s biggest communication challenges with men. You have no idea what type of man he is or what he’s after.

One reader’s comments was so spectacular, I wanted to share it as an article. Is that not the first hurdle, to learn a bit about him?Men and women differ in the way they think, feel, act, and talk.

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