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25-Jan-2020 11:02

I do know it means Long Term Relationship, but what is your definition of a Long Term Relationship?

This was brought up in discussion in another thread which I do not wish to hijack.

They can be monogamous, polyamorous, open, casual, whatever, they're just long term. I am merely thinking out loud and I am reading the posts to gain a better understanding about the way people see things like LTR or S/O and a ''romantic" relationship.

A relationship is also obvious: a relationship can be a weekend, a month, a year, ten years or life. My post you quote was me trying to get objective answers, just mulling over all aspects.

In life, if it comes up, I tend to just note that, yes, I have a fiance (or boyfriend, before we were engaged). I'm in a long-term relationship." It's just online shorthand.

I don't know about this forum, but I'm talking real life conversations. I've not ever seen it written on other forums either.

Long Term Relationships to me have been widely known to mean a long term committed relationship by two people in a monogamous relationship.

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LTR to me is a relationship i have with a woman that lasts at least 1 year. One can be polyamorous and seek out long term, committed relationships.

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