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26-Mar-2020 22:46

In contrast, past life relationships can be just as intense, but there is a particular kind of familiar feeling about them.

I’ve bumped into two people in this life that I know I’ve had previous past-life relationships with.

We are searching for that once in a lifetime crazy type of love—but what really separates twin flames from soulmates and karmic relationships?

No longer are we satisfied by those unions that are convenient or that seem to fulfill specific ideals that our families or society have taught us we should aspire to.

In my life I’ve been involved in quite a few intense relationships and I would say I’ve had a few past-life relationships which were very intense and made me face up to a lot of deep-rooted issues.

A lot of the time, people confuse soulmates, past-life connections and addiction. There are people that we have relationships with where tell ourselves that we’re in love and that we’ve met our soul mate because we’re thinking about that person all the time or tuning into their feelings when actually what we’re dealing with is a kind of addiction.

It’s like you’re repeating the same relationship you might have had in ten lives with that person. Even if you don’t see them for ten years you can feel this complete and utter bond, because in a way it’s a timeless bond.

I would say that a lot of problems in our lives are down to labelling ourselves and labelling every experience – but more about that next time!When you meet soulmate, you get on, you may have a few struggles, but fundamentally you click.It’s a functioning relationship, and you have each others’ best interests at heart. Erickson As we are evolving, so are our romantic relationships.

One of the first relationships we usually enter into is a karmic one.

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