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He would also eventually date some of the most beautiful women in America from actresses to beauty queens.Elvis’s enigmatic pull over the female mind was such that the first riot after one of his shows took place in Jacksonville, Florida, after he closed the show by saying “Girls, I’ll see you backstage.” It is also reported that Elvis had a significant problem with teenage boys wanting to beat him up on his tour stops.He was born to the young couple Vernon and Gladys Presley, in a tiny, two-bedroom ‘shotgun house’ that Vernon had built in preparation of his new family. A mere 35 minutes before he was delivered, Gladys had, with great difficulty, delivered Elvis’s twin brother who was tragically stillborn.The Presleys named the baby Jesse Garon Presley before laying him to rest in an unmarked grave, and chose Elvis’s middle name, Aaron, in remembrance of his stillborn twin brother.Elvis’s close friends and family have said that throughout his life, Elvis was tormented by a great sense of grief and guilt for his lost twin.His mother, Gladys, has even said in interviews that she felt that his semi-lucid sense of loss was the crucible that forged his destiny to achieve great things, because he “possessed the power of two people, and was living for two souls.” Certain psychologists that have chosen to study the enigma of The King’s mind have also agreed with Gladys’s views, describing it in what they term as the ‘twinless twin syndrome.’ They say that once a person is made aware that they once had a twin, it sets in motion a never ceasing emotional pendulum within the person’s psyche; on one hand such a person feels the insurmountable need to prove themselves unique and a completely separate person, but on the other hand, yearn for contact with their lost twin and endure painful feelings of guilt due to their success.Before signing on to manage Elvis, the Colonel was a small-time crook and was infamous for painting sparrows yellow and selling them as canaries.

He was born an identical twin Elvis Aaron Presley entered the world a few hours before dawn on the 8th January, 1935.Elvis was awarded a medal for marksmanship and another for sharpshooting during his service in the United States Military and also had a Smith & Wesson signature revolver designed in his honor.