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He was a diamond.[on trying her hand at golf] I would go to all these locations and think ... People walk around and enjoy God, God's gifts, the trees, so I think I've always thought I should have that in my life.[on playing Nora Walker] The first thing older mothers say when they meet me is just how much they enjoy the show. The women my age who watch it love it because the show is about them. They don't really get to tune into anything else on TV, or see films they can relate to, so it's great to see their lives portrayed on Brothers & Sisters (2006).[on James Garner] If men only knew what's appealing to a woman is how a man makes her feel about herself. That's what makes Jim sexy; it doesn't change with years.[1985 quote on Goldie Hawn] Goldie does something that none of the other actresses can do. Sally is known for appearing in such shows and movies as “The Flying Nun”, “Places in the Heart”, ‘Forrest Gump”, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and others.Sally has won many awards during her career, including a Primetime Emmy Award, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and many others. It has been estimated that Sally’s net worth is million.Other movies that she subsequently appeared in include “Norma Rae”, “Smokey and the Bandit”, “Hooper”, “The End” and many others, which also added to Sally Field’s net worth.In addition to her acting career, Sally is also a singer.Sally Margaret Field, known as Sally Field, was born in 1946 in California.

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This has also had a huge impact on the growth of Field’s net worth."[In 2004, recalling her TV show "The Flying Nun" (1967) to Archive of American Television] I always certainly tried to do my best with it but deeply didn't want to do it. It was hugely important time in my life, because I learned a lot, because I didn't want to do it, and because I hated it every day. It was the father-daughter relationship that I always could hang on. And people when they hear me talk like that, they get very angry, "Oh, I grew up with that! Graduate of Birmingham High School, Van Nuys, California, Class of 1964 with Michael Ovitz, who later became her agent. [February 2004]Born to Richard Dryden Field, a US Army captain, and his wife, Margaret Field, a contract player with Paramount Pictures who starred in B movies.