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In addition to Oregon statutes and rules, federal laws regulate the practice of pharmacy with respect to controlled substances.These laws can be found in Title 21 - Food and Drugs, Part 1300 to END of the Code of Federal Regulations.For the PDF version of the Pharmacist's Manual please click here. If you’d like to purchase Thick-It Aqua Care H2O Beverages for yourself or your loved one, or if you are a healthcare professional and would like to offer your patients information on where to buy, click here.

Chapter 855 is subdivided into 23 divisions which are categorized by subject.Up to 1 1/8 teaspoon of liquid is generally safe to add to 6 fl oz of Thick-It Aquacare H2O Beverages and will not significantly affect viscosity.Larger amounts of liquids should not be added to as the viscosity could change resulting in the beverage being too thin and therefore unsafe for those with swallowing disorders to consume. Visit our Where to Buy page for details on where you can purchase Thick-It products.No, Thick-It Aqua Care H2O Water does not contain any lemon flavoring, typically used as a masking agent.

However, if you or your loved one prefers and enjoys lemon-flavored water, it is safe to add a small squeeze of lemon juice or lemon in the Thick-It Aqua Care H2O Water.For a complete list of HCPCS codes for Thick-It products click here.