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For the majority of his time in Coronation Street, he lived in the flat above the cab office.The only time this wasn't the case was in 2011 when Lloyd left Street Cars to go travelling.Kelly ended up sleeping with Steve, who was having problems with his own girlfriend, but later admitted it was a mistake.

This caused Jimmy to call round again and he threatened to have Lloyd beaten up if he didn't sack her.

This lead to Lloyd being taken to hospital after he doubled over in pain.

A guilty Kelly admitted to the doctor that she laced his beer with laxative.

When Steve employed Ronnie Clayton at the cab firm, her gangster husband Jimmy, owner of Connect Cabs, called in while Ronnie was out on a job.

He told Lloyd that they mustn't employ Ronnie if she came looking for a job.In 2014, he began dating Andrea Beckett and after discovering she was pregnant, he agreed to sell his share of Street Cars and move to Jersey with her. Lloyd Mullaney arrived in Coronation Street in June 2005 as a prospective Street Cars driver and he and Claire Peacock got a month's trial as taxi drivers at Street Cars.