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16-Sep-2020 10:57

For some reason, the word bisexual, even though it was 100 percent true and I always outed myself as bisexual, it made me feel really embarrassed in my gut. It’s slow and it required four years of developing a television series called I found that I’ve been leaning more toward saying “queer” instead of “bisexual” because the latter has less baggage and results in less invasive questions. I think people have a really hard time wrapping their brain around where you’re coming from with that. I don’t think there’s a big difference between the sex that you have as a straight woman and the sex you have with a gay woman.

What’s so silly is that it’s very simple: You feel exactly the way that anyone else does, only gender is not the deciding factor. I think people can understand what it is to be gay or lesbian or queer, but then when you say that you’re bisexual, there’s this idea of like, “Well now, I can’t relate to you on any level.” I assumed that was about a straight woman who comes out as bi, rather than a lesbian who does. I thought it was a major taboo — to see a woman go from women to men was something that would instantly make her seem like a negative villain, and I wanted to explore why [and explore] the discomfort that we would have as queers watching this show. The differences lie in the partners’ personality, not in their gender.

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Everything came, I think for the most part, from something true to us or people we knew.

It’s got a lot of the truth in it and I think every time that there is a scene that we were bumping up against [or] had trouble with within the writing room, it was because there wasn’t a personal “in.” That was the solution: “Okay.

Gabe is really my ode to all the straight men in my life — particularly my brother.

With Gabe, I feel like we wanted to explore masculinity and the tropes of it and the pitfalls.I star in it as well, and it’s about a bisexual character, and I kept hearing myself introduced as a “bisexual filmmaker.” It made me really uncomfortable. and that I keep having to repeat the word over and over again, I think it has been like immersion therapy. It was very tense because we had very little time and I feel like majority of the sex scenes fell at the last half-hour of the day. ” It was something that so much planning went into.