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17-Sep-2019 11:18

A second marriage following the death of one's spouse poses other challenges.

One may wrestle with various emotions when contemplating remarriage.

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The Gemara negates the first two reasons and accepts the third reason as the final reason, and so write Beis Shmuel 13/20.

One who cannot recognize his mistakes and learn from them is bound to repeat them.

This common-sense observation falls into the general ambit of "Love your fellow Jew as yourself " (Levitcus ), which is Talmudically understood as the obligation to engage in the type of activity that will enhance the viability of an impending marriage.

There are those who regard remarrying as an act of betrayal.

But if loyalty means maintaining whatever was built in the first marriage, it is entirely likely that the surviving partner can more successfully accomplish this with an understanding new partner.

In a perfect world, men and women would marry, live long and happy lives together and leave this world at about the same time. And too many marriages simply do not last and collapse into divorce.