Lance armstrong dating september 2016

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Mc Dermott credibly deconstructs Armstrong’s defenses, speaking with a French scientist at a lab that has evaluated Armstrong’s Tour de France tests.

Newer, more sensitive testing now detects illegal enhancements in Armstrong’s early Tour de France urine samples.

Mc Dermott also replays audio of what cycling legend Greg Lemond says is a secretly taped phone call between him and a marketing executive that suggests even some sponsors may have felt pressured to cover up for Armstrong’s doping to protect their own corporate images.

Stripped of his seven Tour de France medals and his leadership position at his Livestrong foundation, it’s Armstrong’s own 2005 words that now seem most prophetic: “It’s not about money for me.

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Armstrong celebrates as he wins stage 17 of the 2004 Tour de France Though the riders injected with EPO showed higher concentrations of hemoglobin, it did nothing to improve heart rate, body efficiency or breathing.In the videotaped deposition, Armstrong is at points evasive, impatient, and earnest as he declares his innocence of doping, even in the face of specific details given by members of his inner circle.Also, Mc Dermott interviews former Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton, who describes, in vivid detail, his own introduction to performance-enhancing drugs, and using those drugs with Armstrong – at points even administering drugs provided by now-disgraced team doctors, only steps away from racing venues in nearby trailers and even in team hotel rooms.His secret was not one of perfect physique or of better work ethics than anyone else.

lance armstrong dating september 2016-60

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His secret, kept through everything short of murder, was that he found a doctor who knew banned substances, and the doctor found a patient who was the perfect willing physical specimen–no moral qualms, no shortage of funds, and an already top-caliber competitor.

Reported by Quentin Mc Dermott and originally produced by Four Corners for the Australian Broadcast Corporation, this riveting documentary details the case against cyclist Lance Armstrong, who has been accused of employing illegal doping to enhance his athletic performances.