Kissing toads and other hazards of dating

20-Sep-2019 04:23

Suffice to say the conversation had derailed fairly quickly after that.When Tony had left for his business trip to Japan the next morning, after plenty of reassurances, goodbye kisses and promises of course, Bucky been on top of the world. He was dating the two most amazing guys in the world and Steve kept giving him these that may or may not have led to a couple dozen M-rated texts for Tony and, well. Until they’d gotten accosted by a red-haired woman on their way back from work.

He’s not a saint, alright, and it doesn’t help that their relationship isn’t what you’d call conventional.Dating a billionaire convinced they can't possibly genuinely like him isn't always easy, but Tony is well worth the effort.Sometimes—when said billionaires' very overprotective friends descend on Steve and him like the wrath of the gods for example—Bucky just has to remind himself of that.And Tony, brilliant, genius, confident, flirty Tony , boyfriend’s bright red cheeks.

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Or for getting distracted by those slightly chapped lips.She’s also slender and if it wasn’t for her intimidating glare and the fact that she’s somehow managed to bypass their entire security system, Steve could’ve probably taken her even before his growth spurt.

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