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They married in 1993, separated just days before her 47th birthday in 2000 and divorced in 2002.

Baldwin wrote in 2008 that he had wanted to “murder” her divorce lawyer.

So here was I fresh from Athens with blonde hair down to my waist and I had never been touched by anybody.” She took acting lessons and joined the neighbourhood playhouse. “Thousands of kids venture there every year, many because they have won a contest back home or someone told them that they were good at acting. We all know how few make it but it holds out that beautiful, seductive fantasy with grim reality hovering like a shadow. I remember thinking people would come to watch, tell me I was wonderful and that would be that.

I had no idea about marketing and all those things that go on to make people come to movies.

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She had to hand back her salary of £6.4 million, reduced to less than half on appeal but with a massive lawyer’s bill.

“When I got the opportunity to move to New York as a model I got lucky.

I arrived at just 17 in the 1970s at a point when the blonde, blue-eyed healthy look was catching on. I did a little movie called Hard Country with Jan-Michael Vincent and I was so proud.

You calm down and enjoy it more.” That running has put quite a distance between her small home city of Athens, Georgia – her father, Don, managed a loan company and her mother, Ann, stayed at home – but she remembers those days fondly.

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“When I was a tiny girl I started watching old movies with my daddy,” she says.“I learned from Sir Anthony Hopkins a long time ago when he said: ‘Acting is about pushing this button or that within yourself and you are being very well paid.’ So my own pay-off for longevity is that I know how to press the right buttons. I was always worrying about things and thinking too much.