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Et contrairement à ce qu’affirmait le magazine Public, il n’y aura pas trois jours de fiesta avec un DJ.Après Paris Match, c’est au mariage américain People, de livrer des détails sur les préparatifs du mariage de l’égérie d’Yves Saint-Laurent et du fils de Carole Bouquet. Les invitations la cérémonie civile devraient être envoyées à la mi-mai pour des célébrations qui devraient avoir lieu le 21 juin.ET CETERA 54 EDITOR'S LETTER A Saint, More than Less 56 CONTRIBUTORS 66 LETTERS Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Crossroads 110 PLANETARIUM Taurus trap 274 CREDITS 276 PROUST QUESTIONNAIRE Jack Welch TO FIND CONDE NAST MAGAZINES ONLINE. Even more impressive is his having "two or three fights a night." Wow! vanity You are not what you were born, but what you have it in yourself to be. One for the world, and one which she wears in privacy. TUNE OUT everything except Lorraine Hunt Lieberson's voice. SCOPE OUT modern furniture, textiles, and lighting at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, in New York City, which hosts 500 exhibitors from as far away as Peru and New Zealand. Catherine Leroy celebrates the astonishing photographers and writers who worked Under Fire (Random House) in Vietnam. Read Amanda Mc Call and Albertina Rizzo's Hold My Gold: A White Girl's Guide to the Hip-Hop World (Simon & Schuster).

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In an epilogue to the paperback edition of his book Crimes Against Nature, Robert F. reveals how the media betrayed the American people. 216 PETRA'S STORY Petra Nemcova and her boyfriend, photographer Simon Atlee, were on a romantic getaway in Thailand when the tsunami hit, engulfing their bungalow and smashing their dreams of a future together In Prague. ^^^^ '"*' ^ IP" •««• ■« HUGOS I.8OO.6958OOO nordstron macy s MOVADO the art of time ' Vs -MOVAOO ' maestro, international actress. Photographs by Todd Eberle and Fernando Bengoechea. /H The New BMW750Li V- sion is in danger of being downsized, outsourced, and otherwise replaced by Analysis. A stunning new highlight on the resume of P The New BMW750UV-8 1-800-334-4BMW C^ The Ultimate Driving Machine n ■ 1 mlt VANITY FAIR AGEND ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION • EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITI A STAR-STUDDED EVENING On October 16, 2004, Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson hosted an intimate dinner at their home in honor of the late actor and Motion Picture & Television Fund benefactor Roddy Mc Dowall. Howard Shaw has conceived and created hundreds of programs including short films, television commercials, and educational programming. Lost Youth, is a hard-hitting docudrama that examines the lives of four young victims of workplace accidents.COLUMNS WIT'S END The comatose state of stand-up comedy was brought into high relief by the death of Johnny Carsoi who broke in a generation of comics on The Tonight Show. And, when you attend the premiere of the new Revlon* Fabulash* Mascara, you'll receive a fabuious new look for your eyes with a complimentary makeover. The two-day event featured Aveda's Global Makeup Artist to the Stars, Rudy Miles, who was on hand with his team to give guests silver screen-inspired looks. MICHAEL SACKS Associate Research Editor ELIZABETH FEIFER Associate Art Directors CHRISTOPHER ISRAEL, LEE RUELLE. ABBY FIELD, JACQUELINE NEISS Editorial Assistants JESSICA FLINT ASHLEY HERB. Say Nothing, their newest two-minute short, is described simply as a comedy where "boy meets girl.Hacking through the kudzu of cheesy clubs and self-referential routines, James Wolcott can't find the edg of laughter. THE WEEK OF LIVING GL AMOROUSLY This month, Dominick Dunne soaks up the starlight at I'. In addition to the makeovers, attendees entered to beautifully framed, vintage -inspired Vanity Fair covers. ADAM BOOKBINDER Senior Designer SCOTT-LEE CASH Senior Photography Producer KATHRYN Mac LEOD Senior Associate Photo Editor SARAH CZELADN1CKI Senior Photo Research Editor ANN SCHNEIDER Photo Research Editor KATHERINE BANG Photojournalism Editor ROSANNA SGUERA Editorial Business Manager DORI AMARITO Assistant to the Editor MEG NOLAN Senior Editorial Coordinator CAROLYN BIELFELDT Senior Fashion Editor MARY F BRAEUNIG Fashion Editor CHRISTINE HAHN Editorial Promotions Associate EVA MAOLT Associate Fashion Editor ALIA AHMED-YAHIA Paris Editor VERONIQUE PLAZOLLES U. Associate Editor KATIE SHARER Senior Art Production Manager CHRISTOPHER GEORGE Copy Production Manager ANDERSON TEPPER Production Associates LESLIE HERTZOG SARAH HAYNES Assistant Copy Editor ADAM NADLER Associate Photo Editor SASHA ERWITT Assistant Photo Editor LAN BASCETTA Assistant Editors FRED TURNER. ..blah, blah, blah." /al nominees will compete for the annual grand prize: the 2005 Budweiser naker Discovery Award. COM 3 VANITY FAIR AGENDA ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES Takashi Murakami LITTLE BOY: THE ARTS OF JAPANS EXPLODING SUBCULTURES Curated by one of Japan's most celebrated artists, Takashi Murakami, Little Boy: The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subcultures explores the culture of postwar Japan through its arts and popular visual media.F.'s Oscar party, and holds court at a signing of Oscar Night. MACY'S BLOOMINGDALE'S The Coach Gallery Interchangeable Watch (S CCX^CH ) EST.1941 VANITY FAIR Edito r GRAYDON CAR TER V Managing Editor CHRIS GARRFTT Design Director DAVID HARRIS Executive Literary Editor WAYNE LAWSON Features Editor JANE SARKIN Senior Articles Editors DOUGLAS STUMPF, AIMEE BELL. tionally, BUDWEISER TRUE FILMS supports a variety of other film initiatives, ding The Tribeca Film Festival in New York City and IFP/Los Angeles, a nonprofit nization that champions the cause of independent film and the artists who e it. Microsoft is proud to be a major sponsor of this extraordinary exhibition. World Press Photo celebrates its 50th anniversary at London's Royal Festival Hall as part of a global exhibition.

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Then, even as he attends closing arguments in the Rober Blake trial, the diarist finds himself a character in anothe tantalizing— if fictional— murder case, on Law & Order: Trial by Jury: Photograph by Larry Fink. BRUCE HANDY Editor-at-Large MATT TYRNAUER Legal Affairs Editor ROBERT WALSH " Associate Managing Editor ELLEN KJELL Photography Director SUSAN WHITE Fashion Directors ELIZABETH SALTZMAN WALKER. AMY FINE COLLINS Writer-at-Large MARIE BRENNER Photography Editor LISA BERMAN Art Director JULIE WEISS Articles Editors DANA BROWN. Little Boy: The Arts of Japan's Exploding Subcultures is on view from April 8 through July 24, 2005, at the Japan Society in New York City. "*Y^ * • s THE ADVENTURES OF SHARKBOY & LAYAGIRL IN 3D Get ready for the next new adventure from Spy Kids creator Robert Rodriguez. PIG OUT ond swap hickory-smoked-rib recipes at the World Championship Barbecue-Cooking Contest, in Memphis, May 12-14.

JAMES WEBB & EVAN TORCHIN Life Against Memory e Austin-based filmmaking team of les Webb and Evan Torchin has nbined their talents in photography and eenwriting on Life Against Memory, \ story of a man, lost and out of gas, 10 ponders the relationship between xnory and reality — and raises more estions than answers in the process.

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