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19-Apr-2020 23:28

Rooper added: "I know one of the actresses [Corrie] is now in the navy, so I don't know whether she would come back!

But I adored that job, it was special at the time." through a portal in her bathroom.

We had so many young people because so many people grew up with her and she's still relevant today." Rooper also revealed her dream theatre roles for the future, adding: "I've always wanted to be Nancy in too.

My wife was a flight attendant and I was an Army officer in Atlanta in the late 90’s. Iids Why aren’t we more outraged by whats happening in America right now? the front page of newspapers with that picture of the dead father & his daughter?

I used to drop my kids off at a daycare that wasn’t bad and had cameras I could watch online. We know what’s happening with the #Trump administration what are WE going to do??

is centred around Caroline (Griffin) and wife Andrea (Outhwaite), who ask Andrea's brother Jimmy (Burns) to donate sperm in order to have a child with both of their DNA.

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Rooper plays Jimmy's girlfriend Sharon in the play, which was written by her fiancé Ben Ockrent."I've attempted to audition, there've been times where I almost got the role but another job clashed with it unfortunately.