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28-Sep-2020 10:54

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He unleashes the full soap-opera repertoire: brooding stares, sudden outbursts, feverish make-out sessions, deadpan quips.(Keep the change, he says, flipping a quarter onto a corpse.) His story arc will culminate, this month, in a very special episode set in the Museum of Contemporary Art in L.Like Franco, Franco is obsessed with art that crosses over into reality: He re-creates, in galleries, actual crime scenesuntil eventually the people of Port Charles come to suspect that he might be a murderer himself.

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I know that a lot of people wish he were gay, or think I’m not his real girlfriend. O’Reilly and Franco met five years ago, just before his career took its radical turn.It’s hard to imagine this is all accidental: It seems like the work of a virtuoso public-image artist.