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04-Aug-2020 04:08

The relationship felt a little rushed and forced, because we didn't let it run naturally, or organically, and I recognize that want to try again, and I still cant get over her.2 months later we get in a conversation and she tells me she still wants me as a part of her life, but she wants to end it but dropped me like a sack of rocks.It's possible that they are staying hoping the love will come back.The way I see it is that love is always there you just have to find ways to ignite it into "being in love".She doesn't want to date anyone right now, and says she wants to be friends still, she barely talks to me because I have to start the conversation if we where to ever get into one so it feels like she is ignoring me, its driving me crazy whenever I see a picture of her, or hear her name.She has stopped liking my posts on Instagram, and has deleted any pictures of me and her that would be on it.

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The only thing that made us different was that she was an introvert and I am an extrovert, but that's okay because I have seen many relationships exactly like that. If there are any specifics you want me to clear up I will. She is not emotionally ready, that is not unusual but the fact that she is still interacting with you, it could be a test, most guys who are not really in love but just looking to hook up would be gone already but you are sticking with it, so since you are both young and have some time, then just wait, she may come around.

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