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Brandi Carlile was just 25 years old when she released her sophomore album "The Story" in 2007.But even then, it was clear that the singer-songwriter had an old soul and an ear for the timeless, with gorgeous songs that artfully captured the divine ache of love and loneliness, the pain of loss, and the faith it takes to keep going.Earlier this year, she toured with folk legends, including Emmylou Harris and Joan Baez, to raise funds for Jesuit Refugee Service.And Carlile’s own Looking Out Foundation, established 10 years ago with longtime bandmates and collaborators Phil and Tim Hanseroth, has directed money from donors and concert ticket sales to organizations for women, disadvantaged youth, and the homeless.

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The album is an artful dose of empathy for self and others, and both a call to action — the third song on the album is titled "Hold Out Your Hand" — and a subtle conditioning to break down the boxes into which we write people off: "He found a bad habit he couldn't break...

It’s still Valentine’s Day on the west coast, so I wanted to tell you that you are without question the coolest misfit I have ever met.

This is us looking like 12 year olds on our honeymoon.

And right now, the refugees put that lump in my throat.

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My little baby, the one on the way, my family and feeling like it’s under attack, because I’m gay and because I’m married to a woman that’s not a U. citizen: those things put a lump in my throat, and I’ve got to sort that out, or I’m going to get cancer.

Carlile has been married to her wife Catherine Shepherd since 2012; the couple have two daughters together, Evangeline and Elijah.