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The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an Internet protocol which allows people to communicate with each other in real time in a text based environment, see Wikipedia. In general, local policy and rules for each channel are set by that channel's operators.While we encourage all channel operators to adopt our channel guidelines, if a project or community decides to operate otherwise then we respect their decisions.If you believe that the way in which a particular channel is run contravenes our ground rules or runs counter to the freenode philosophy then you should raise your concerns first with the channel owners, and then with freenode staff who will address cases on an individual basis.There are several things that might prevent you from joining a particular channel.In most cases the server will tell you the reason, but some clients do not correctly display that information to you, so it's useful to be able to check for yourself.Our rules are very simple and uncomplicated which means that anybody should easily be able to understand and adhere to them.XXXChatters is a completely free service and as such our administrative staff (IRC Operators) are unpaid but highly trained volunteers who dedicate their own personal time to the smooth running and operation of this site for the enjoyment of others.

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