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24-May-2020 08:06

But insurers love all the geeky stuff so unfortunately you have to get to grips with it too.Putting any old description down and getting it wrong, just to get the home insurance form completed, means you risk a claim being refused in the future.Some common errors include: Make sure you’re honest about the main driver and what the car’s purpose is.Otherwise your insurer could invalidate your cover and you won’t be able to make a claim if you have an accident.But disembark from the ferry in France and you could find that you’re driving on the wrong side of the law as well as the road.According to Axa, an estimated 10 million people plan to drive their cars abroad this summer.On the odd occasion when Brits see sunshine, insurers don’t suddenly give you a free pass to relax the security.If you’re not in the room but you leave a window open, an insurer could take the view that you’re inviting burglars in as well as the breeze.

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For example, if you pay for all or part of a holiday using points you’ve earned, such as Avios, some travel insurers will refuse your claim should you need to make one.

It helps them make a judgement about how safe a driver you are and how much your premiums should cost.