Invalidating a session in jsp

18-Jun-2020 08:09

A servlet gets instantiated only once in the lifetime of servlet context, so you should not store anything related to session data in a servlet.

In simple words, if "this" is a servlet, "Name" is always same despite who the user is and where the request comes from.

Then logging in consists of creating a session, if one doesn't already exist, and assigning the user ID to that session variable.

Logging out consists of removing that session variable.

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This could be something like That's not something even close to what Paul suggested.So if i get this right, i need to create a session manually? If so would it be something like: How does this address the issue of the Parameter() retrieving values from a previous logon. Because that is how i get my username and password.That's not something even close to what Paul suggested.Response State State(Response State at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.

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Blocking All Updates(Blocking at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp. Blocking Servlet.service(Blocking at javax. Http Servlet.service(Http Yes, you're right, but I think it's a race that the receive-updates request always loses;) When using asynchronous updates the outstanding (in time not quality) receive-updates request will cause this. I think it's just a matter of the Response State State() needing to check the session state before attempting to grab anything out of it. Thanks, Philip Sadly the example zip file only seems to work until you try and "log in" again. once the "logout" has been performed taking you to the start page, click the button, and it will freeze (this seems to be erratic).

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