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When Sue tells Krol that she’s pregnant, Krol realizes that she must be having an affair and beats her savagely.

Sue goes to Billy’s house to try to get his help, but she’s confused and disheveled from the beating.

He frightens her, and she picks up the weapon that’s closest at hand, a screwdriver. The Phantom takes Sue’s shape and mingles with the prostitutes, jeering at them and at Sue.

Sue catches a glimpse of her doppelganger across the street, which is scary, but she also sees Doris, disguised as a prostitute and trailing her.

) towards an upstairs room where one of the Talking Rabbits (who fades into invisibility, maybe because she can’t see him) and a guy with crooked glasses are sitting.

In the room, she feels compelled to deliver a series of monologues that describe her own history of violence and explain a lot of the backstory having to do with Polish legends (like the fact that the Phantom has a one-legged sister).

Unlike most of the people she watched on TV, the Polish magicians could actually see her too, as well as perform limited travel between worlds.

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They showed him his wife (Lost Girl) but he could only hear her, not see her. the Phantom) was responsible, and they gave him a gun that had the power to kill the Phantom.

Waggish, 2003.)The problem with trying to come up with a single interpretation for this movie is that this defies Lynch’s explicit intent.