Importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior

13-Apr-2020 22:16

importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior-83

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First of all, physical attraction is important for sexual relationships.

But if you're looking for a meaningful relationship, it's more important to have an emotional connection with someone whose personality you like.

I’m 22 and I find myself caring more about a girls body and face than I’d like to.

I broke up with my first girlfriend and anyone I meet now that isn’t as physically attractive (even if they’re super cool and have a great personality) just seems like a person I couldn’t date.

One response to unfairness is to get people to stop discriminating unfairly.

This might work for some domains, such as employment where interviews could be conducted blind.

This might mean there is less of a call for banning or limiting access to this kind of enhancement for equality reasons, or equally that on the other side of the debate there is less of a call for providing access to such enhancements to help people’s lives go better. But the above research shows that it might have more in common with other kinds of enhancement than we think.

importance of physical attractiveness in dating behavior-83

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Of all the types of enhancement available to us, this is perhaps one of the most commonly used already; many people practice cosmetic enhancement to varying degrees (make-up, hair removal, hair dye, and a number of surgeries).

Attractive criminals are punished less severely than unattractive ones[4].

Both children and adults judge attractive people to be more helpful, more intelligent, and more friendly than their unattractive counterparts[5].

Cute infants elicit stronger motivation for care-taking than less cute ones[6].

Moreover, cute infants are rated as most adoptable[7].

I don’t like caring so much about someone’s body, it feels shallow. I feel like someone’s body shouldn’t be of such high importance to me, maybe their face, but not body right?

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