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(instrumental) On the isle they call Kauai - a flower for your hair. I would also like to congratulate those who have successfully met their soul mates, and to those who have not, I'm encouraging them to keep on looking- pliz guys, Don't lose hope- Don't forget that the darkest hour is before dawn. Nov 2002 I really don't have much to say about the lovelife site because this is my first time entering it and i really haven't taken a tour guide of it yet so i'll get back to you on that!! I beleave the more you know about each other the beter the relationship will be. I will Always gives you a peck on the cheek when we depart from each others company, even when my friends are watching. i am 20 years old and relly need a good seeing boys hear from yas soon. Nov 2002 This is a very stimulating and interesting page ever seen in the net. It is very nice and knowledge abel u have good thinking, u can improve our knowledge, Also look- ing,prety loovly and sensear girl for friendship.u interested u contect waiting. Nov 2002 ############################### Could somebody send a postcard for my mother: "Ma, I'm here. I like to do wood working playing games with my kids meeting people and travel thats all I can think of for now if you want to know more about just ask I will do my best to answer your questions. I am a California girl that has parents who were born and raised on the Islands! Anyone interesting in transacting any business with me can as well reach with my email address. i don't like that and i definitly don't approve of that. This is my first time on here and I really like it. People find me attractive but they usually don't take the time to see that I'm better looking on the inside and I actully have a brain. I am forever grateful that you are ready to talk to me and trust me a bit. You must abandon all fear of Him and know that He is all love. See beyond illusion: Read Daniel 12:3 Come home while there's still time. Sep 2002 love and friendship are a sweet opportunity never a responsibility and when you love, love UNCONDITIONALY the best thing which i love is to make people smile and enjoying what life brings in my way. I enjoyed myself but the pity part is that they denied me a t-shirt though i participated a lot. Sep 2002 I have nener come accross such a site on the net,it is a great site and inspirational you guys should keep it up. We go WAY back coming from Puerto Rico in the early 1900! Please sisters, if you know you are still a PLAYA, pls do not bother to write. Jul 2002 it feals good 2 be in love and 2 be loved back i know what it is like he is the boy of my dreams it feels bad 2 be dumped tho it bracks ur heart!!!!!! Jul 2002 Kia Orana I would just like to say that this website is Awesome. People find me attractive but they usually don't take the time to see that I'm better looking on the inside and I actully have a brain. I recently moved to Texas and I don't know anyone and I'm not sure how to meet good people. You can make my life worth living, and with you I can unburden my heavy heart for I was in search of true friend. How He yearns to welcome us into His everlasting home beyond death's horizon: With such a price-tag on our souls, human beings are clearly precious beyond diamonds. Aug 2002 there is nothin like that that love in first site before to do love to someone one should know all bout the person cause if afterwards he/she will do flirt with me then u dun know what u may feel in ur hear or what u can do/ Date: 3. Sep 2002 i love your site i think its really cool and will bring lots of love birds together i am from nigeria and i am interested in dating any serious girl ,just send me a mail on this addy [email protected]: 5. Greatings from Germany, from the Jacaranda Ensemble, with music for alpenhorn, didgeridoo, saxophone & percussion, from Berlin/Brandenburg and all good luck for you in the future. Sep 2002 I will always be grateful to get thy reinforcement in all my in south africa 20 years ago.lovelife has guided my life in many spheres of life,including socially,culturally and so on . Sep 2002 I want to know how can I boost my lve life b/c I don't have anyone but there is this boy I like and I don't know if he likes me like I like him I told him that i liked him but he didn't say anything and we always kiss and flirt but he has a girlfriend and I go to school with her. Sep 2002 I started learning more about lovelife yesterday in my institusion(Technikon North West). This little Web site has been "our baby" for about 7 years now! I bought your product hoping it would stimulate my wife a little. In the last week I've been invited to meet a 29 year old at her cottage, had a 31 year old woman tell me I looked delicious, and two other women together just flirting around with me. Whether potential clients are on a budget or would like to test the games before making a larger purchase, the rules are available via PDF via e-mail. hehehhhhe j/i'm here guyz scribbling in ur gbook cuz my bf said so.hmmmm... Drew was talking about a new drug/pill for people that have a ringing in their ears. LOL,anyways thanx for all the fun, laughz, and dramaz......matter what this will be the number 1 chat room to me! JUS' GO FOR IT, LOVE THE OPENING PAGE, COLORS & EVERYTHING. Apr 2002 i needed an inspiration for a short story i was writing on "online affairs" and urs was the suited site...lovely site with lovely people interacting and possing theirs experiences,i wish you all the very best,bye Date: 3. however, since you came up with this kind of programme people tend to be willing to talk thank you Date: 10. (instrumental) Come shine, my Aloha moon - on the shores of Waikiki. Sweet Leilani's here with me - On the sands of Waikiki. It's such a blessing to be able to bring the world to so many people every single day of the year. Well, how about improving the quality of life for one and all? Our Web traffic still is quite impressive; between 15 & 20 Million Hits Per Month. raaaaaa my name should be campbells cause i am mmmmmm mmmmmm good. Well I've declined all offers except my wife, but it definitely is nice to feel attractive again. Feb 2002 0 this is a nice site , Im now in Alaska so its nice to chat with Locals from time to time . Though the site is only offering romance games at this time, it has nine different categories ranging from romance games to sensual furniture. She did not hear the name of the drug/medication, is there such a drug? ...........anyways thanx again for making our lives a litto bit more interesting......... Apr 2002 Condomhall is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to helping the student community protect their health and well-being. Apr 2002 my nane is amanda i live in london-clapham i am 26 years old,also a honest,reliable,loving&caring type of person and i like tthe person 4 who they r not what they r as every body is the same in life Date: 9. Apr 2002 hi i am writting from SA and would like more information about the marketing and advertising side of love life were i would like to start up my career please reply phillip from the universityof the free state SA. Apr 2002 Thanx a lot that i found a nice website and i can express my feeling trough this site especially my lovelife.

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Well i know some ppl wont agree,but some pll are stupid also,man it was years ago when i first came here,its hard to b-leev that i have been fu*king around on the web for that long.i owe H. i'll just wait and see for the result of this message to the hawaii chat universe..regards to all!!! Jun 2002 hi friends i am india punjbai boy i like to make new friends(girl)if any girl want to be my friend then mail me at [email protected], this is so so nice side i like it so much Date: 17. There's soo much to say, so little room to put it all in under. Aug 2002 I love watching anything love so that i can gain mire expirience from it. Aug 2002 My URL instructs us about our Eternity (sign the guestbook): How inevitably both are determined and molded by the choices we make in our voyage home to the Father; This URL is both a stairway AND a roadmap TO that Utopian Domicile. My contact details are sa follows; cell number;0 Postal address;house no;163 Ga-Rankuwa 0208 Date: 12. Sep 2002 well, i want to know more about love and the people that can give true love to fellows with broken heart and how their heart can be healed. With ll loves the pain of seperation, of waiting , of possession,,, and the fear of losing... I have eventually found your website and I think it may make use of our offer. We may install you a dating services software at no cost an you will even earn money connecting people.

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