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19-Feb-2020 00:18

He was my best friend for soo long and we decided to bump our relationship to the next round.

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My 18th birthday was a week ago and I was finally ready to be on my own. Kim, sitting in the back was rubbing her nipples hoping that Tom would notice. Glad to see you dressed comfortable today as it is supposed to reach 105 today.

we had a few beers and talked and he said that he wan… Leer más The story is true.

Unfortunately I had a HUGEEE intro typed out, then I accidently exited out of this window, so now i'm just going to do a basic intro and get into the action.

So I figured this might actually be a female who was interested. We shar… Leer más Few days ago my nighbour wanted to hang out on the day before christmas so we planed on smoking some weed in one of his close firends shed.

He also mentioned that he would bring some girls along so i was up for it . 3 guys and 3 decided to roll up a joint and smoke some out of a bong and so we did.Ich war etwas überrascht, da ich nur von Spielzeug für Frauen wusste... Ich wurde skeptisch, klickte aber trotzdem auf die "La… Leer más Revenge by zeb1094 When I walked into the bedroom, I knew she wasn't expecting me by the wide-eyed look she had on her face.