I am dating a shy guy

28-Nov-2019 14:54

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After talking to a shy guy for a while, you might leave thinking he's actually not that shy.But if a shy guy likes you, there's a whole lot of mixed signals and confusion coming your way.Haven't you watched certain films where the shy guy either trips, drops his things, or spills on himself when he sees the girl that he likes? If the shy guy you know does any of those constantly around you, he's losing his focus and ends up making a fool out of himself.But you know that he doesn't look like a fool in your eyes.This goes for many people who like anyone, they stare at the person they like until they awkwardly catch his/her glimpse.

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This way, they don't actually see your facial expressions and they won't be nervous to say specific things, ergo, not making the conversation awkward.Don't leave him hanging there, laugh it off and ask him to restate whatever he was having trouble saying.If he's treating you differently than other girls, than it's certainly one of the signs a shy guy likes you. If a person has feelings for you, he'll most likely put you first, talk to you the most, and act differently than how he is around other girls. But for shy guys, if you pay attention to how he is around other girls and then to you, and there's a fine line in difference, then it must mean that he likes you.He may watch you for a couple of minutes, or even more.

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But you'll most likely catch him staring and he'll immediately spin away, and possibly turn bright red in embarrassment.It's literally like solving a puzzle when you come across a shy person who you kind of think likes you.