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10-Apr-2020 01:09

I specialize in verbally humiliating men who get satisfaction, sexual or otherwise, from being cast in the role of submissive.Clients pay me an hourly rate to be mean to them or make them feel inadequate.Take your time to browse through thousands of profiles and find just the sissy date for you.Communicating through lightening fast messages, instant chat and winks you will be chatting easily and quickly in no time.

I’m as likely to see a police officer as a lawyer or CEO. It’s the same kind of anxiety rush you get from going on a roller coaster.As for my own private life, I’m not in an exclusive relationship with anyone. One of the most common scenarios is posing as a strict teacher and treating the submissive as a schoolboy.At the moment, none of my personal relationships is sexual. That’s the most fun, like the time I took the businessman to a restaurant, purely to humiliate him in front of the other diners. Another time, I took a submissive to a sex shop on 8th Avenue. Maybe during his formative years, a client was called in front of the class and was terribly embarrassed as he tried to hide his first erection.Beckoning to the waiter, I loudly order a filet mignon with a glass of red wine for myself and a salad (no shrimp) and water (no ice) for my lunch companion.

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“Tuck in your napkin, sweetie,” I say to him, in my ultra-exaggerated mommy voice. ” The high-flying businessmen in the upscale Midtown restaurant stare as my fellow diner blushes and squirms in his seat.Soon I was working as a fetish model, and, when a friend opened up her own dungeon in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in 2009, I started doing humiliatrix sessions.

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