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In the ordinary way, you will find that as soon as you sit for a few minutes all sorts of disturbances come into the body; but when you have got beyond the idea of a concrete body, you will lose all sense of the body...When you have succeeded in conquering the body and keeping it firm, your practice will remain firm, but while you are disturbed by the body, your nerves become disturbed, and you cannot concentrate the mind.” - Swami Vivekananda Today, yoga is largely misunderstood to be and is practiced primarily as asana, or physical posture.Asana, when practiced under the guidance of a guru or an experienced and properly trained teacher, is integral to yoga.Unfortunately, the likes of Iygenar and Jois are difficult to come by, especially in much of today’s yoga culture which is driven by a Western-mentality of commercialization and commodification.The Katha Upanishad, dating back to 800 - 600 BCE2.12.When the five fold qualities of yoga consisting of the earth, water, fire, air and ether are firmly established in the body, then in that body strengthened by the fire of yoga, there is no place for sickness, old age and death.2.13 Lightness of being, health, steadiness, improvement in the complexion of the body, perfection in the voice, sweetness of the body odor, slight excretions are said to be the first results of the progress of yoga.2.14 Just as a mirror shines brightly after it has been cleaned, so does the yogi who has realized the true nature of his soul becomes integrated as one in his body, attains sense of fulfillment and remains free from sorrow.2.15 Through the real nature of his own soul, as if by a lamp held on the nature of Brahman, when he sees, his own real nature as one who is unborn and completely pure, He is freed from all the fetters at once.The spiritual aspect, which is beyond the physical is the purpose of yoga.

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It needs to be rooted in something real and not just fancies that are created in the moment.” - Sharath Jois The ubiquitous use of the word “guru” in the West is far different from its traditional and sacred meaning in the Hindu tradition.

In Hindu thought, the Supreme Being or the Divine resides within all that exists.