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10-Jul-2020 06:58

Thus, sex is not evil in Hinduism as long as it is pursued as the means to righteous ends, and not considered an end in itself.

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One such complex issue about which there can be divergent opinions and multiple realities in Hinduism is its stand with regard to premarital sex.

In the following discussion we will examine this subject and see whether it was practiced at all in ancient India.

Although this subject has been treated here in some detail, it may be still incomplete in some respects, and the conclusions drawn here may not satisfy all.

If a person pursues it purely for pleasure and selfish enjoyment, it is considered evil and unlawful.

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On the contrary, if it is pursued for procreation, as part of one's householder duties, the tradition upholds it as dutiful, moral and lawful.The Hindu law books suggest austerities for those who pursue liberation, and a balanced, holistic life for those who pursue worldly desires.