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23-Jan-2020 11:56

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You won't find disheartened people who feel like having an STD is a disability.

Quite the opposite; they talk about how STDs aren't "tragedies" that require a big, brave confession. That's why "living with" is repeatedly used in the site and not "suffering from".

One issue we have is that the site text could be too small for desktop users.

A "first date idea" field is available in your profile to be filled out to let users gain insight into your personality.

It serves as a mirror to your email inbox, so you can just check official and promotional emails straight from the Positive Singles website.

Profiles can have up to 26 photos, which can be categorized into a public and private album.

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Its features are not just geared towards helping users in online dating, it also serves as a support system.

Basically, you would just state what your ideal or unique first date would be.

Positive Singles provides a page, which looks similar to the forum page, where everybody's dating idea is compiled.

As an alternative, you can leave a public comment on someone's profile in order to grab their attention and establish a connection.

Positive Singles also offers an email tab that's different from your messages tab.I thank the heavens I found this site because I finally have somewhere I belong.

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