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07-Jan-2020 21:29

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the opinion that matters most of all is your own.

Having hair on your back may increase body heat and be uncomfortable during hot weather.

But if we’re honest – really honest – few of us would say we prefer a hairy leg to a shaved one.

Some men would no doubt say they find it disgusting.

Of course, some will say this campaign is not about men's preferences, and that the Hairy Legs Club really has nothing to do with men at all. It's none of our business, and we're not judging you.

But if did want our opinion on the matter, most of us would probably say that diversity is a good thing, and that actually we're much more concerned about what a women is like under the skin, rather how much hair she's got on her body. And I'm no position to judge anyone who refuses to reach for the razor blades just to keep their other half happy.

Many of them talk about how their male partners have supported their decision to not shave or wax.

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Fashion and glamour magazines, the multi-million-pound beauty industry, and high-profile female stars all promote a standardised, smooth-skinned feminine sexuality – they’re just as guilty as the much-criticised men’s mags of telling women how they should look, even if their approach is different.

However, it’s your choice to do so for comfort or aesthetic reasons. The most likely causes of this in women are: If you’re a woman and you have unwanted back hair, talk to your doctor about these conditions.

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