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02-Apr-2020 12:03

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If this sounds like your current situation, or you’ve been there before, to help ease your mind, we’ve put together some of the more common reasons he fled the scene.

This one will hurt the most but it can sometimes be the most obvious reason a guy cuts and runs just when you thought he was going to stick around.

Sometimes guys like to feel like they are the center of your world whereas other guys get freaked out when you get too close too soon.

Being too clingy with a guy you just started dating is very risky (even if you just thought you were being honest about how much you liked him).

Being too over the top can easily turn a woman off. If there are big gaps in your core values, she may just be thinking things through—will we make it or won’t we?

It is great that you are communicating but work out what is going to work for her, every woman is different! Values are a great conversation topic to be had early in the dating phase.

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When it comes to relationships, though, some routine is great and necessary but you gotta keep it interesting.If you’ve ever felt a great connection with a guy and then been stunned when he stopped returning your calls, you’re not alone.

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