Grey area dating

17-Oct-2019 00:40

However, when you go on a second date, you're showing enough interest that the other person could get overzealous about the status of your relationship.

They might even consider you a boyfriend or girlfriend if you’re not clear about your terms.

One step in the wrong direction and the future possibilities could be blown sky high.

What is the way safely out of the weird zone and into the calming comfort of a committed relationship?

You might find everything you need to know to decide your date is a miss.

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Both people have to agree on what their relationship is before it can go much further.

I only want to be with you." It might not be the most romantic thing to talk about your relationship in this way, but it’s vital for all parties to be on the same page.

Opt for something that gives you both an easy out, like lunch or a drink.… continue reading »

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