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12-Feb-2020 20:06

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Fitness Genes reviews below.

I’m not just referring to the countless iconic celebrities we lost, but the lives of people lost during so many, many terrorist attacks as well.

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It is fairly clear that people do feel reassured and excited when they finally believe that they have an understanding of why their bodies are behaving the way they do.They connect with your wallet and that's it, complete waste of time. While there are some real profiles, very few of them are actually active. Matching criteria, age and distance are meaningless. Once your account is up and running, you'll get pinged constantly by the same people "viewing" your profile over and over and over again. Many of people contacting me had nothing to really say. I wish I never got on this website, I will continue to write reviews for this because people have to know not to get involved with this website. Zoosk ignores data points and bombards you with profiles of potential matches 100 miles away, always older than you, often outside your other key filters. You'll think they're obsessed with you but never message you. These may be ghost profiles Zoosk kept from people who previously subscribed and in some cases, a real person may have swiped your photos for a tenth of a second, and pinged Zoosk, which then auto tags you and creates a phony "like" or "connection". Spammy, fake, ** and scam profiles run amok on Zoosk and Zoosk is complicit at best in not enforcing reported fake profiles. Others seemed real but were too far away, smokers (which I said I did not want), or some other mismatch. Customers who simply want an Analysis Kit and basic action blueprints can order their kit for 9, while members who are interested in purchasing detailed kits aimed at helping them achieve specific goals, like Fat Loss or Muscle Building, will need to buy a specialized kit that is priced between 9 and 9, depending on the type of features you would like to take advantage of.

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Customers who have purchased a basic Analysis Kit and after receiving their results have decided that they would also like the analysis that comes with a specialized kit can purchase these additional kits after the fact and receive the added plans and analysis for an additional fee.

So Zoosk is a place to come together and have someone take your money.