Gentoo config files in etc need updating

20-Aug-2020 06:53

Now at this point, the Gentoo GCC upgrade guide recommends that you rebuild your entire toolchain and world with an empty portage tree (basically, re-installing everything) with the new compiler.I’ve seen a few articles saying that this is really not needed (they said it was for those “ricer” types who like to squeeze the last ounce of performance out of their computers).nano /etc/conf.d/distccd # Be sure to set the --allow and --listen directives rc-update add distccd default # Add to the default runlevel /etc/init.d/distccd start # Start 'er up! Believe me, you’re going to be compiling a lot of shit, so you want to eke out every megahert possible from your processor, and this package will help the load. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but there have been some problems I’ve had with compiling programs that go away when ccache is disabled.It’s up to you to decide whether ccache is worth your time or not. Before we get back to updating, a quick note: Unless you plan to use GCC with fortran (probably a small percentage of users), you will want to disabled the “fortran” USE flag with GCC.:-) To be clear: IF YOUR INSTALL IS THIS OLD, IT’S PROBABLY JUST AS EASY TO BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT FILES AND START AFRESH. Password: gentoo gentoo-vm ~ # passwd New UNIX password: ************* Retype new UNIX password: ************* passwd: password updated successfully gentoo-vm ~ # rc-update add sshd default gentoo-vm ~ # /etc/init.d/sshd start Between the first tar command and the success of ’emerge -u DN system’, the true state of the system, and the state according to portage are different.Unless you have a particularly convincing reason that you need to upgrade this machine and not re-install, I would recommend you take that path. This is rather unsafe, so be sure you understand what you are doing.

We have to edit the bash ebuild and remove the requirement for portage.Even if you do plan on using fortran with your GCC, I’d disable it until you get your system completely updated…