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Eventually, and not to spoil things, he friends her on Facebook, invites her over to his house, and gives her wine–Sauvignon Blanc, her favorite. It’s just an all-around disturbingly conceived, acted, and presented concept video by Infinity AR, but objectively–if you could sidestep the chilling privacy concerns–you could classify it as good design.

Each interaction was seamless and automatic, and they enabled the wearer’s end goal, to romance a hot bartender. And the core experience of Facebook stalking is borderline universal (just admit it).

We hope to be set up with someone a friend is quite sure we’ll like. If dating has changed this much in the last 20 years, then where exactly are we headed? A recent uptick in film releases set in the future, be it far-off or familiar, directed by some of the most promising directors right now — Spike Jonze’s masterful series — point to a real interest in this question.

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A unique voting system enables live crowd-sourced ‘reactions’. We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.