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It took me awhile to nail the whole put-the-stick-in-the-cake aspect of this project. Originally I tried to set the round cakes on a flat plate and struggled to keep the sticks up right until the chocolate cooled.

Then I realized the answer was in front of my face…

It’s slow but it guarantees you won’t overcook the chocolate and cause the fat to separate. As you keep decorating, you will develop a feel for it.

After the chocolate chips were melted, we added canola oil to thin out the mixture. We wanted to make some green cake pops so we also added green food coloring to the white chocolate.

The salt was nasty and I loved salted chocolate things so just trust me on this. Not that this happened to me during the trial run or anything…

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Essentially, we melted 1/3 to 1/4 cup chocolate chips by microwaving them for 10-15 seconds and then stirring.After some brainstorming, we (my mother) decided that securing them in a sturdy block of styrofoam would be the way to go.