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Ironically, the puzzled footnotes made by me and my co-editor Javier Alvarez about what Moto is really up to make up another considerable portion of the book.

So even we get pulled into the heteroglossic woods.

Doubled Flowering, for a book of poetry (if thats really what it is, I think of it as a novella), is deeply dialogic, filled with different voices attempting to communicate things that are difficult or impossible to communicate.

And its epistolary moments are quite often literal propellants for the appearance of diverse personages, styles, genres, editorial subplots, and so forth.

As for my own use of the epistle, theres no question Ive been impacted by Motos gesture, and Ive even gathered together a manuscript of these letter-verses in a manuscript titled Language Poets in Leningrad: Post-poems and Elegies, 1998-2003. Fundamentally, perhaps, the writing of imaginary letters to oneself is an ancient way of staving off loneliness and the fear of leaving the world and disappearing forever, without reason or redemption.

But now I think you should probably ask me something funny.

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So unless Im misunderstanding you, I think Id regard my "position" in the current field more in the sense of Saenzs image than the one you propose in your question, which seems to imply that I have some controlling idea of what I am doing or where I am going.Im primarily a translator and editor, with little, if any, poetic talent.Come to think of it, this is probably the reason so much of my own attempts at writing poetry take on epistolary form!Letters are always part of a real or imagined exchange with others, a gesture of dialogue by definition, occasioned and formed from without by a rich array of discursive pressures, and impressed from within by the presence of another, or others, to whom one is writing.

In this sense, its natural that the epistolary medium plays a key role in Doubled Flowering, a book that is all about otherness.

What Appears to Be a Yacht in the Distance An interview with Kent Johnson Gabriel Gudding: You seem to be attracted to the epistolary medium.