Failed while updating the boot sectors for disk1 partition1 Chatraume sklavin sex kostenfrei

29-Jul-2020 14:47

See these links, Hashes Checking the iso file and the boot drive - detailed tips If you can get the iso file via torrent, it is more likely to be downloaded correctly, because checksums are used in the torrent process.

failed while updating the boot sectors for disk1 partition1-65

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If bootrec doesn't work, can anyone recommend / suggest something to repair the boot sector? Literally tried everything, from PTDD to and diskpart. So I have a nice big fat 64 GB USB stick that I've used for a few years now, I've got Grub4DOS installed on it and a host of bootable ISO's of PE's and various Linux distros and a bunch of portable apps. I was messing around with it trying to chain load Syslinux so I could use some Limux distro that Grub4DOS didn't like to boot in ISO emulation and sure enough I somehow hosed the MBR and got the dreaded UNKNOWN NTFS MBR: This partition is NTFS but with unknown boot record. Windows itself won't delete a partition on a USB stick and when I booted to Parted Magicand used it I still got the same NTFS boot record error. Fist - BACK UP THE DATA AS THIS WILL REQUIRE FORMATTING THE DRIVE.

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