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Mobile phone tracker can help you trace caller name and address location for 8327930 mobile phone number in series.

Your SSN DO NOT GIVE Poor older people We want to believe the best in people but it sucks but not everybody treats people as they want to be treated KARMAThis number called me early this morning and woke me up- I tried calling it back and it says this number is no longer in service- I read on another site that it is a spam call trying to get account info from you Not sure if this is a legitimate business- Called times claiming we have placed an order with a wrong address- Explained to the dimwits we did not place any order and they have a wrong #- Business sounds like , Esse ????????such as during the recent cleanup effort begun in our botnet takedown actions- These calls will be made by someone with whom you can verify you already are a customer- You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes-www-microsoft-com security online-privacy avoid-phone-scams-aspxthis man called my friend today looking for my friend for me stating he was Richard Brown from US Lawenforcement agency-they called before and i actually work for a goverment agency-they stoped calling for like mths then they just started calling again-threatning us with police etc-the police and fbi work riht across the street and in our building so guess what i did,lets see if he calls again LOLThey only call you if you are an insurance agent- The number they call is the one listed on your state's insurance department registry as your business phone number- If you do not want calls you need to take it off that registry So, caller ID says "NAM"And the guy ID's himself as national Association of Manufacturers-But, this exact number pulls nothing, so I called them-This number IS NOT one of theirs-Do Not Give Them Any Company Info- They might just be looking for a reason to send you an invoice, This number is calling and hanging up on our answering machine- They are calling multiple days at the same time, p- They called April and again tonight, May th- I don't know who they are but I'm sure it is telemarketing and I am on the 'donotcall' registry- I wish there was a way to prosecute them so they would have to pay a stiff fine for disturbing our peace- I always have to take my phone off the hook during prime time TV nights and at other times I received the same call at :pm It def is a false call- Good thing no info was given- It is disturbing to know they even have my number tied to my bank name, but US Bank is really good with anything that may be fraudulent My VM indicator was blinking on my handset, so I checked- Six seconds of silence and then they hung up- Annoying At least they could leave a message as to what they want, or if they have reached my number in error, they could apologize- Inconsiderate buffoon I got a call from this number as well,it is Patricia Kirkland,supposedly calling from Wells Fargo Bank for Publishers Clearing House- , Claiming she has a check for you,when I told her to send the check, she said ok and hung up on me- I called back tonight a week later to find out where the check was, she said the IRS is holding it for insurance and if I wanted it I would have to pay over - to the IRS for insurance This number has called me over times in the past hours- I finally answered it and it was a foreign man trying to get personal information saying I was granted a loan - that I did not apply for- When I said stop calling he was verbally abusive- I called the number back and the same man answered and tried to disguise his voice- I asked repeatedly what business it was and the only answer I got was "it's a hospital baby"- After saying some slurred words they hung up- This same voice has called me from numbers all over the past days - TN, FL, TX, CA,it's ridiculous and they should be stopped-Other numbers - , ,and many more that I already cleared This loser Brian lapolt claims a business House of Graphx but is pranking people- I looked up the # and looked up a business with that name and there isn't one Just some couple operating a business without a business license at Franklin Avenue Monticello, NY - Probably dodging paying taxes to the IRS and NY State- Operating such a high volume business without a license I think is a fraud felony as long as they have been doing it in NY- This couple rips of every single trademark out there Even Harley Davidson- Simply insane and down right underhanded sleazy, if you ask this woman- That is my cents worth Call came in this eavening at : P: M: They hung up before I got a chance to answer it like usual- I see others getting calls from this number also- I thought solicitors were not allowed to call after a certain time-Kerrie Robo-call claiming to be my local healthcare provider wanting to give me *options* for different types of care- Press to talk to a live rep, Press to have them call back, Press to have info mailed to me, Press to be removed from calling list- Riiiiiiiight Had to laugh my a off on this one, considering I've been using the same provider for years now- Options for care my a- Next time, I'm gonna have some *fun* with the morons This number called me and asked for a strange person that I have never even heard of, and they couldn't tell me what department the person work for- I work for a company and I could hear noise in the background of people talking- I think it could have been a collection agency I feel stupid for giving them my name an date of birth- Would have never given them by credit card # for a - S &H fee- Supposedly own a gift card, but they couldn't tell me where I made a purchase or completed a survey online Told him I was an attorney and this doesn't sit well and he told me ok, but call back at anytime- Hopefully they can't scam me from the info provided- Lesson learned- He did have a deep indian accent- Someone let me know if something occurs from this We receive calls from , out of area, constantly- We are on the DNC list, also- No message is left on our recorder- Googled: Nan Dowling Photography, in CA, is listed as owning this number- Hope someone of authority will finally stop these calls- I never answer the phone"The factory warranty on your vehicle is about to expire-"Really?Because my car is years old with , miles on- If I had known it was still under warranty I would have crashed the thing months ago-"This is the final notice-"Strange because I continue to receive BS calls from you scammers every day-"Press to be removed from this list-"Your list blows- I push every time and still get calls The caller states his name is "John" however he has a very heavy accent- States he is calling from Global Communications regarding my "Micro Soft Computer"- He then asks if I am the owner of the computer- I ask him which computer he is referring to and why would he be calling me (I have computers in my home)- I then start to question him, where are you calling me from (town) and his is name really John and how he got my number and why would he think I needed help with my "Micro Soft Computer"- He became so tongue tied he was stumbling over his words- I then told him we both know he is full of sh*t and to never call this number again- I then called the number back and of course that number says it is no longer in service- Scam call all the wayi got three calls from this number- i picked it up once and no one answered they just hanged up- i called them back and it said "the number you dialed is not at service"- i think its a spam or something I have received numerous attempts from this telephone number, pretty much on a daily basis, so I decided to call them back on May , - It is North American Power, and they are an electric supplier looking for people to transfer who they have with Eversource over to them- I kindly told the gentleman on the other end that I was not interested at this time as we have a great rate with another electric supplier, and if he could, please remove our name from his database and, when we decide to switch companies, if their price is right we will call them- He assured me he would- Needless to say, I just received another call from them- They either sit on the line and don't say anything, or robocall- It is very annoying- I hope they understand that after this annoyance, I will not be calling their company, no matter how good their price is Do not allow him to take your money This man called me and claimed that I owed money from a payday loan that was already paid off a year ago- They're bogus- Then he also claimed I owed another ,which was a lie- I told him not to call my phone DO NOT GIVE INLeft message saying I was linked to some kind of debt and this is my last notice before being served at work or home- When I google the number, it comes back as some music production company in NYC- No name left by caller His name is Mr- Bob Green he claims you have won a sweepstake or lottery and needs you to send his associate at the IRS office in Las vegas , Nevada -USD so you can claim your prize and then they will send you your check I have been getting - calls per evening for a couple of weeks- They do not say anything, it's just dead air- This is quite annoying and should be illegal- If they would just say something so that I could ask them not to call me It seems that, from what I read, this would not work either Your entry last month has Won Go to reward- Bestbuy-com and enter your winning code: to claim your Free Best Buy Gift Card, I'm not sure what would happen but I didn't enter any contest so red flags went up in my mind, Seen the number was reported other times in the last hours- MY CALL FROM THIS NUMBER AGAIN ASKED FOR LADY OF HOUSE BUT SINCE SHE WAS ACTUALLY TALKING TO MY ANS MACHINE THAT'S ALL THAT WAS SAID, AND ALSO GOT "WE'LL CALL YOU BACK"- CALLER ID REPORTS "FAMILY SURVEY"google listing sam I always press and as soon as someone comes on the line, I say in a monotone voice, "Illegal robo call- Remove from all listings- This number has been reported-"It usually stuns the heck out of them or pisses them off- either way, it is funnythey called me on time today and i answered it the last time and this guy said that i had a payday loan that they are sweing me for and that i need to be in jacksonville fl by am friday morning- they gave me there number which was , and his name was mike rodrizuez he sounds like he is from another country- so just be where- I called the jacksonville court house and they has not paper work about it- I never got any paper work from this person- JUST BE CARE FULLI like the one about," I'm dead already-" Wonder what the robo caller did then?I just put my phone number in a form from a Google ad I saw last night for this home business kit until I realized, of course, it was a scam- I had already entered my phone number though- Sound familiar?

I thought the emails sounded a little suspicious and after I asked for documentation he did not send any more emails- Glad I did not go any further in the process- email address: email Hi, Thanks for your interest in my home, my home is available for rent and ready to move in,i wanted to sell my home but with the advice of my wife i decided to rent it out and we are looking for a God fearing family that could take our home as their own- The rent is and security deposit is and the , sq-ft and as bedroom and - Bathrooms-Pets are allowed and rent is including the utilities-Move in ready-Neighborhood Description,very calm and stable neighborhood-Neighbors are great and they also enjoy the neighborhood-Adorable home with everything, upgraded kitchen and bathrooms, newly finished hardwoods, new carpet, space galore, separate living room, dining room, family room, open kitchen to family room, two fireplaces, basement, extra storage-Home Address: Greenwood Trail Southeast, Marietta GA Matthew Rendle It's a political call- They leave a message on your phone asking to call them back- The number is registered to Arthur Murphy- His address is Mt- Vernon St, Ridgefield Park, NJ - He operates under a business name Hamilton System Distributors Inc- and or Global Perspective International Trade, LLCThis call came up as a P Rostkowski same thing a middle east accent- They asked for my boss- The voice was familiar and I am pretty sure they called a few times before but was a different name- They are a waste of my time I have a new phone that allows me to block unwanted calls- is today's- Some others are: all that say NAME UNAVAILABLE,(,) ANOTHER - - , from 'SEATTLE, WA' ARLINGTONN, WA - My phone holds the phone number with a line thru a handset icon on the caller ID screen- I tried it by entering my cell # to block & it worked perfectly- I then of course 'released' my # from the block- Thank you Panasonic FINALLY TALKED TO SOMEONE- Lady said she was from a publishers company, and confirmed my name and tried to confirm my address- Said they work for the major credit card companies and got my info from them- However she did not know which card i had- She then told me I won months free for some magazines and a watch, and asked me to choose a mens or womens watch- I cut her off there and told her i wasn't comfortable with all this and she got very upset and hung up- WEIRDSame people who were calling from notes-com Phone-aspx , When i blocked that number they switched to this one- I've now blocked this number as well-I'm never home so all I get is a "To vote in NJ" message on my voice mail This number is from Asheboro, NC and it called my phone somtime during the night of April - I was asleep but the message they left was about three minutes of rap music and nothing else- When I called the number back in the morning, it doesn't ring, it doesn't have any type of recording, it doesn't do anything- It cuts off after about seconds so it IS some type of crank call Excellent details on immediatly demanding answers from THEM and to threaten them by reporting them- To block them is fruitless due to the constant number change- Speak up everyone, this has got to stop before they trick someone into believing they represent a branch of FP &LA call from this number was from Cancun Travel Unlimited (CTU) telling me I qualified for a "great deal" - vacation packages-After about minutes on the line with the clown, I told him I was on my way out the door, that I would like the web address to look into his offer and that he was welcome to call me back tomorrow so we could talk-"Oh I am sorry, I can't do this,our phone systems are set up only to accept incoming calls to be fair to all callers,yada yada yada" - I call "BULLIT"-Anyways, as soon as I said, "Well unfortunately I won't be able to make a committment today" - oops that's as far as I got,he hung up- What a meathead-Please people - don't be fooled by these clowns - DO NOT give your personal Credit Card Information - NOR acknowledge any offer they give you verbally as this could be found to be legally binding- Just politely (or not) say no thank you, I am not interested and hang up Just got a call from"David Moore" about a Publishers Clearing House win- His #, Told me to buy a Green Dot card to be able to accept my prize, B-S, Last thing he said to me was "Fk you" when I told him goodbye after keeping him on the line for min This phone number keeps calling my home number- Whenever the call is answered, there is no one there- Also, when the call goes to the answering machine, it plays through but there is never a message left- The caller ID displays as Hilton , the number doesn't match up to any Hilton properties in the Orlando area- A reverse directory search revealed a calling location on West Anderson Street, but the only Hilton in the vicinity is being built and won't be open for another year- The provider is shown listed as Nextel,could someone's Sprint Nextel be acting up?I found a FREE cool app for my android its called CM (clean master) Security, and you can enter all these unwanted numbers from your call log and let your phone block them-they will eventually run out of fake g numbers to call you from HOPEFULLY Good luck everybody I just got this call also pretending to be from PCH- All they want is my E-mail address to send me official papers- I told the guy that if it really was PCH they had my email as well as my real address- Obviously a scam- Not even good English from the caller In montana- They pulled the same here,cancelled at once after overaqe, overcharge of - had to get new card- What a fraud- Send all your contacts your story, don't be embarrassed, they took us all for a ride Annapolis Keys TBD Annapolis, MD Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD FAKE ADDRESS CALL FIRE FAX]Annapolis Keys offers Key Services and Master Keying in Annapolis, MD- Keys, Key Service, Master Keying, Rekeying Royal, Key Duplication Servicedear sir, any unknown person is called me from this no- & said (in Hindi language) you have win to -Indian rupees from KBC game you are jackpot winner and please give the answer of my question (what is the name of fruit king?

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