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12-Aug-2020 13:53

And, for what it’s worth, she’s really, go-to dating advice that anyone can apply to their lives—no matter the size of his or her banking account—and, with her help, we’ve compiled them all right here.

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Instead of waiting for them to ask you about your relationship history, Andersen says you can actually flip the whole situation on its head and broach the subject before they ask. Apply this technique to any big reveal you want to get out in the open, and you’ll end up looking both confident and honest.

Sometimes smart people get caught up in every little detail of dating, which can make it quite difficult to find a suitable partner.

“My clients tend to approach dating with the very traits that made them extremely successful in school and in their high-pressure analytical tech jobs,” she says.

Perhaps the more complex of all dating issues is long distance dating.

Long distance relationships are not for the faint hearted, one artist once said. Human interaction and relationships are built on our desire for companionship. Some have a stronger desire than others in this regard. After being asked so many questions and researching long distance relationships for a while now, I thought I'd do one massive post to answer these important questions.“First and foremost, it feels like you are hiding something,” she explains.