Ex dating other men

16-Jan-2020 15:06

Behind each breakup is a series of reasons that propitiated it. If the answer is no, at least it will be consoling to know that no matter how hard you try to recover yours, you know deep down that you would not get anywhere.This is the first thing you should keep in mind when you are pained to check that your ex is with another person. Also, instead of feeling the pain or getting jealous, you should be happy that such a person is not in your life.The thoughts about your ex will come to your mind, it is inevitable.From the moment you find out that your ex is with someone, you begin to imagine situations that are unbearably painful.You may have suspected it for some time, but today you have seen it with your own eyes and you have not been able to deny reality any longer.Your ex is with another person and you feel in a state of total confusion.No matter whether you are a boy or a girl, in both cases the sensation is common, and terribly painful if you have not been able to turn page yet.

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The truth is that however much you want to control those thoughts, they usually return more often than you would like.

This is a good strategy that will help you handle seeing your ex dating someone else and will help minimize suffering.

After a period of breakup and with your head set on new illusions, it is time to rewrite this chapter and start giving it a different orientation.

In short, you need to begin to change the interpretation of what happened, and live it as a fortunate fact rather than a misfortune.

This will be the definitive moment when your suffering will begin to fall behind and you will be able to handle seeing your ex dating someone else easily.

If your life is running normally, why does it affect you that your ex is with someone else?

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