Essential oils sedating

22-Feb-2020 04:21

They do not have the therapeutic benefits essential oils can provide.

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In the case of children with autism, the oils should be applied to the soles of the feet, the neck, the top of the head, the chest, the forehead, the abdomen, the arms, and the legs.

It’s important to note some oils need to be diluted with carrier oils for safety, which will be explained later in this article.

To ensure efficiency, it is recommended that essential oils are used two to three times a day at the start.

Relaxing essential oil blends for autism have been effective in helping children manage certain symptoms, such as hyperactivity, stress, sensory overload, and anger.

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Essential oils may also be used to help kids who have a hard time transitioning throughout the day or at bedtime when going to sleep, which is a common concern among kids on the autism spectrum.

Essential oils are derived from actual plants and contain the true essence of the plant.