Error before updating scaffolding from new db schema

25-Dec-2019 04:23

We wanted to completely separate using the SQL Compare engine to generate an update script from the application of that script to update a database.

It’s important that, once the update script has been created, there is no further SQL Compare magic required to apply it to a database.

The states sub-folder contains two scripts folders that represent the Source and Target database schemas.

In the earlier example, the Source represents the Integration database state and the Target represents the Production database state. The copies of the Source and Target schemas are present to support some built-in safety checks in SQL Release.

If the schemas don’t match, the cmdlet will raise an error and refuse to execute the update script.So now the process looks like this: As the review by the DBA may take some time, the whole process is divided into two separate scripts.Here’s the first Power Shell script that creates and exports the Database Release for review: Okay, so at this point it should be pretty obvious that a Database Release is more than just an update script. An exported Database Release folder typically contains the following items: The most obvious item is the file is not especially interesting (it’s essentially where we store information from the exported Database Release object that doesn’t have a natural home anywhere else in the exported folder). The file is much more readable, but is difficult to process in an automated manner.In fact, the cmdlet does little more than execute the update script against a target database.

error before updating scaffolding from new db schema-49

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You could achieve the same result by writing out the update script to a file and then using SSMS to execute the script against the Production database.

You can also use a scripts folder created in SQL Compare, perhaps because the Integration database may not be directly accessible from the location you are running SQL Release.

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