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I do not go often to restaurant, but like to buy some street food from time to time. Is it ok to accept it or should i ask more to maintain a normal standard of living for a single person. So after taxes you will receive more or less 1250 euros which is very very good salary!!!!How much it cost annually for a Good International English Primary School? Price sky rocketing due to a lot of share service centers include reimbursement for external expat's kids school tuition. With 8k before taxes salary (around 1900 euros) you rent one of the best apartments (1-2 bedrooms) in krakow (2300 zloty all include) out of center and the rest money living like a king & queen. Avoid the agencies try to find direct renters from FB groups. FYI normal living in Cracow from my experience, average from last 7 months. Flat with everything included also internet, near Vistula and Kazimierz, older standard but very nice neighbourhood: ~1800 Food vegan and healthy, often buying exotic food and included eating out and alcohol (1 fan of craft beers): ~1100 Monthly transportation pass is 90 but you can buy for 50 for 1 line, 20min single ticket is 2,8 I don't use car a lot but my friends spend about 250 Overall for living: 4750 (excluding electronics, gifts and travels) for us two.Same happens with property prices..a lot of hedge funds invest in properties(commercial&residential). We buy what we want and don't really give up on any caprices, often take part in cultural activities like concerts, like to try new things. Hi, Any people from Krakow can help me with few details about: I would like to know average monthly salary in Krakow for a decent living.

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Currently, the economic center of Poland, the seat of the most important companies and the government.Of course I'll have to rent a flat (35-40 m2) and to cover all expenses (gas, electricity,heating, transport, supermarkets etc).

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