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26-Oct-2019 19:31

I've always sucked at dating and never really prioritized it, but that's in contrast to my 3w2 ENFJ friend who has been searching for the "perfect relationship" since I've known him.

If you're a 3 in a LTR, how authentic or open do you feel in that relationship?

This is all speaking retrospectively, it's not like it's something I seek out.

With ESTPs it tends to be way more volatile and love/hate than with ISTPs, but I really dig that Se-Ti rational and black and white way of thinking.

However if types are healthy and aware of these things then they may play off each other in a positive way. It's gotten a lot better as he's gotten older, but he used to stay in relationships with people he genuinely didn't like because he was so caught up the potential "prestige" of their relationship.

I think I'm definitely getting better with this too.

I definitely do better with passive types, particularly 4s and 9s.

I've actually never had much experience being with an x SFP.

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What do you consider the MBTI types you find yourself more compatible with? I speculate that a type 3 may be better off not in a relationship with other assertive types, 7, and 8, because they play off each other's energy and may encourage unhealthy behaviors in that way.a power couple fantasy) or will find themselves mirroring their partners image of a "perfect partner", which almost always ends up unraveling.We tend to get so caught up chasing ideas and images that authenticity and realness is easily lost.The INFP-1 will sometimes feel that their ideas should be objective and realistic, that their intuition and their ability to scout out options will only have value if the idea can be clearly defined, explained, and measured in a way a Thinker would understand.

The INFP is, however, a deeply intrapersonal personality type, and they are far better at drawing existential value from their ideas.

I'm starting to see a bit more what I genuinely need in a relationship as opposed to what I think I need or what would make a "powerful team".

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