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I think the last detailed one is Syrasi, love interest of Luna and sometimes used as a background LGBT token. All of the straw men except for like one is cis, white and straight, the unholy trinity.(Funny thing, sometimes they're more likable than Luna.) Not much is known about Luna, but it's safe to guess they're much like their self-insert aka whiny, bitchy and prone to exploding.While child pornography is the biggest no-no, cartoon depictions of sex with children are still common. racism, misogyny, extreme gore, extreme porn, animal abuse, and -phobic hate of virtually every prefix under the sun) is the order of the day and is not for the easily offended.Most of the memes and activities that 4chan became known for in its first decade originated in /b/.", "That doesn't make sense..." to gay men using slurs that they've reclaimed for themselves, policing them on what they can/cannot reclaim despite not being a gay man themself "OK, y'know what?I don't care if you're gay, that word is NOT a joke!

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Most often these are the boards meant for sharing erotica, but there are exceptions.

As a visual medium, the art should compliment the buildup, which in the case of AA, it doesn't.