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In 1950, Pageant named her the second most powerful woman in America, after Eleanor Roosevelt.

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She asked for no money from him since he had lost almost everything in a stock market crash.

To add to her small income and support herself and her sons, Post began writing short stories that were published in the popular fiction magazines Ainslie's and Everybody's. The first, The Flight of a Moth (1904), was about a young American widow attracted to a crooked Russian nobleman.

Growing up in an era of servants and chaperones (older people who accompany younger people to social gatherings to make sure they behave), Emily was educated at home and attended a finishing school (a school that prepares girls for social life) in New York, New York, where her family had moved.

She also traveled to Canada, France, and Italy with her father, often going with him to check on the progress of the buildings he had designed.

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The couple moved to Staten Island and had two sons, Edwin Main Post Jr. When her two sons were old enough to attend boarding school, Post began to write. Men had to be taught not to blow their noses into their hands or to spit tobacco onto ladies’ backs. Schlesinger, who wrote “Learning How to Behave: A Historical Study of American Etiquette Books” in 1946, said that etiquette books were part of “the leveling-up process of democracy,” an attempt to resolve the conflict between the democratic ideal and the reality of class.

She produced newspaper articles on architecture and interior design, as well as stories and serials for magazines including Harper's, Scribner's, and The Century. But Post’s etiquette books went far beyond those of her predecessors.

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